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To those who are less tech-savvy creating and managing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can seem daunting, however when used correctly social media is the most beneficial free marketing tool to help your salon get to the next level and drive new business. At The Edge we love connecting with our customer base via our social media platforms and are active on Facebook (@edgenails), Twitter (@edgenails) and Instagram (@edgenails). Whether you’re a social media whizzkid or an absolute beginner, we have collated the following tips and tricks to inform you how to harness the power of social media marketing to help grow your business.

  • Post Images: Customers respond well to visual stimulants and what better wa...
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Hands With Painted Red Nails

There is nothing more frustrating than treating yourself to a beautiful manicure and a couple of days later the chips start appearing. With our busy lives it is difficult to prevent your nails from chipping and although there is no miracle cure to abolish chipping altogether we at The Edge have collated the following five professional tips and tricks to increase the staying power of your polish!

  1. Prep your nails: It is important prior to applying polish that you have taken the time to shape, file and buff the nails. Grooming nails not only makes them appear tidy but also creates a smooth base for the polish to adhere to. Our range of professional quality Files , Buffers and Tools ensure you can easily complete this vital prepping stage.
  2. ...
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