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Toenail Trimming

During winter when you are regularly wearing closed toe shoes it is vitally important to ensure that your toenails are regularly trimmed to avoid ingrown toenails or infections developing. If you are wondering what is the best way to trim your own toenails at home then here are some professional tips and tricks to ensure this procedure is done safely and correctly.

  • Before using any implements on your toes it is vitally important that they have been sterilised to ensure maximum hygiene. Our Sanitising Spray is formulated to hospital standard to kill bacteria and is perfect for sterilising toenail clippers and files before use. Before beginning the toe nail trimming process apply our Sanitising Hand Gel directly to your hands to kill any ...
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Juvadent Beauty Event

19/01/2017 11:20

On Saturday 14th January 2017 Juvadent Aesthetics hosted ‘The Beauty Event’ a night which promised a combination of beauty, bubbles and Botox and we at The Edge were fortunate enough to be a part of this fabulous event. The event was organised by blogger Lauren who is also the founder of LDN Meet Up an organisation that puts together exciting meet up events for bloggers in the London area. Juvadent Aesthetics the hosts of the event offer a range of professional beauty, Botox and cosmetic procedures and have a treatment room in the beautiful All In One Spa which is based on The Kings Road in Chelsea and was the venue for ‘The Beauty Event’. Alongside The Edge two other brands from the beauty industry both Ark Skincare and falseeye...

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Acrylic nails are an ever popular nail enhancement system and although they make your nails look picture perfect they do also require a certain level of maintenance both in the salon and at home. We at The Edge have compiled the following list of helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you care for your artificial nails correctly away from the salon, to ensure their longevity and to keep them looking as good as new.

  • Top up your Top Coat: If you want to enhance the shine of your perfectly painted acrylic nails before your next salon visit then simply apply a Top Coat to give your nails a glossy professional shine. Paint over your polish with our Mirror Gloss Top Coat which can be applied to the nail enhancement and ensures added protectio...
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Do you find that during the winter months the queue of clients wanting to get their feet treated to a pedicure is significantly less than during summer? We here at The Edge believe pedicures are a year round necessity and are not just for summer, here’s a definitive list of reasons why you and your clients should keep up with regular pedicures even during the freezing cold winter months:

  1. Prevent cracked heels: Due to lack of moisture and colder climates, cracked heels are a common problem during winter and can become painful if left untreated. The best way to ensure that you and your clients don’t suffer with cracked heels during winter is to keep up with your regular pedicure appointments, during which time your heels will be professional...
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Winter Nails

The winter is a time for Christmas, crisp icy mornings and can be a time when your nails become cracked and brittle. It’s important to take care of your nails year round, however during the winter they can often require a bit more TLC. We at The Edge have compiled the following professional tips and tricks to help you care for your nails the best possible way this winter season.

  • Restore the moisture in your nails: While many people are often quite good at remembering to restore moisture to their hands by applying their favourite hand cream regularly, often people don’t put quite so much care and attention into restoring the moisture to their nails. Winter is a time when moisture loss can occur as the cool dry air has a dehydrating effect ...
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Nail Salon

To those who are less tech-savvy creating and managing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can seem daunting, however when used correctly social media is the most beneficial free marketing tool to help your salon get to the next level and drive new business. At The Edge we love connecting with our customer base via our social media platforms and are active on Facebook (@edgenails), Twitter (@edgenails) and Instagram (@edgenails). Whether you’re a social media whizzkid or an absolute beginner, we have collated the following tips and tricks to inform you how to harness the power of social media marketing to help grow your business.

  • Post Images: Customers respond well to visual stimulants and what better wa...
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Hands With Painted Red Nails

There is nothing more frustrating than treating yourself to a beautiful manicure and a couple of days later the chips start appearing. With our busy lives it is difficult to prevent your nails from chipping and although there is no miracle cure to abolish chipping altogether we at The Edge have collated the following five professional tips and tricks to increase the staying power of your polish!

  1. Prep your nails: It is important prior to applying polish that you have taken the time to shape, file and buff the nails. Grooming nails not only makes them appear tidy but also creates a smooth base for the polish to adhere to. Our range of professional quality Files , Buffers and Tools ensure you can easily complete this vital prepping stage.
  2. ...
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