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5 Star Top Coat and 5 Star Base Coat

When you’re in a hurry it can be tempting to apply one coat of nail polish and be on your way however applying both a base coat and top coat when completing a manicure on natural nails has numerous benefits and is a vital step that should not be ignored. Below we have curated a summary of the benefits of using both a base coat and a top coat as part of your natural manicure routine:

Benefits of using a Base Coat

  • Applying a base coat helps to prevent the colour pigmentation from nail polishes staining or yellowing your natural nails
  • If your nails have ridges than applying a base coat provides a smooth base to enable nail polish to be evenly distributed and creates an overall smooth and professional manicure
  • Applying a base coat enable...
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Hygiene is a vital part of any salon routine and law states that every working environment needs to be safe and hygienic in order to operate. It is the responsibility of everyone working within the salon to prevent the possible spread of infection or disease by using professional hygienic practice. In order to achieve this within your salon we have devised the following checklist to ensure that you are maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment:

Personal Hygiene: Working within the beauty industry you are a representation of your business and the services you provide so it is vitally important that a high level of personal hygiene and grooming is maintained at all times, ensure that both your uniform and shoes are clean and fre...

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FAQ: Soak-Off Gels

08/03/2017 12:23

Nail FX Soak Off Gel Kit

Soak-off gels are a great treatment for a number of different reasons however new clients or clients wishing to try soak-off gels for the first time often have questions as they can become confused between ‘hard gels’ and the newer soak-off gel or ‘soft gel’ treatments. Below we have created a list of questions which are frequently asked by clients and ways to answer them to ensure they are feeling well informed and happy before having soak-off gels applied for the first time:

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gel chip?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are cured under either a UV or LED lamp as opposed to left to dry which means that once the curing process is complete it is almost impossible for the gel to chip or smudge. Soak-off gel is durable...

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If you haven't previously discovered it ‘The Polish List’ is a blog about all things nails created by nail art blogger Vicky. The Polish List features nail swatches, reviews, tutorials and help and is a brilliant read if you have an interest in the nail and beauty industry. Earlier this month Vicky reviewed a range of our Annika Nail Polishes and Nail Art products and created the beautiful design below using a selection of our products, continue reading to find out which products were used to create this stunning design:

The Polish List Floral Nail Art DesignThe Polish List Floral Nail Art DesignThe Polish List Floral Nail Art DesignThe Polish List Floral Nail Art Design

Images: The Polish List

The colours used within this design are our Annika polishes in shades ‘White Swan’ and ‘Pool Party’. All polishes within our Annika range are high performance, Formaldehyde, Tol...

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NMP Natural Pedicure And Manicure

Have you been looking for a new and innovative way to offer your clients a natural and luxurious manicure and pedicure treatment? Then our NMP range could be exactly what you’ve been searching for! All items within both the Manicure and Pedicure sets are disposable and each set has been carefully sealed to ensure maximum hygiene and is the perfect option for both mobile technicians and salons!

Each set contains a nail pusher, a nail file, a pair of disposable gloves (manicure set) or socks (pedicure set) and a disposable towel. Both the disposable gloves and the disposable socks contain a specially formulated cream which is made from Phyto Keratin to help strengthen the nail, Copaiba Oil to help protect the skin, Vitamin E to help prev...

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The beginning of the year can sometimes leave you slightly strapped for cash and if this is meaning that you cannot keep up with your regular manicures at the salon then don’t despair we at The Edge have created this helpful guide for achieving professional manicures at home. Although completing your own manicure will never be as relaxing or pampering as the salon experience with these tips and tricks you can attempt to master the basics at home and remember practice makes perfect!

Step One: Remove all your current nail polish using our new and efficient Nail Polish Remover Pot which is filled with acetone and cleaning bristles to help you quickly remove all traces of your polish.

Step Two: If necessary dependant on length trim y...

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At The Edge Nail & Beauty we want to make shopping with us as stress free as possible. Whether you are a mobile technician out and about between appointments needing to stock up on your nail essentials, or if you are relaxing in the evening and browsing on your tablet we want to make visiting our website as convenient as possible. We are proud to have launched our new responsive website which allows you to shop safely and conveniently from your phone, tablet or desktop. To celebrate our website makeover we are offering one lucky winner the chance to win an iPad Mini 2!

You can enter the competition via both Facebook and Twitter

Good luck to everyone who enters and the winner will be notified on Wednesday 1st March 2017!

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching are you looking to offer your clients romantic themed nails for the big day? We at The Edge have edited our product range to bring to you a selection of our best Valentine’s Day products which both you and your clients are sure to love!

    French Manicure Sets
  1. French Manicure Sets: Paris has often been deemed the city of love so what better way to celebrate the day of love than with a French Manicure. Whether your client is wanting to treat themselves to a manicure this Valentine’s Day or if they are wanting a classic feminine nail design for their Valentine’s date a French Manicure is sure to meet every client’s needs. Our Natural French Manicure Sets come in either Pink or Natural and when used with our French Manicure...
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Toenail Trimming

During winter when you are regularly wearing closed toe shoes it is vitally important to ensure that your toenails are regularly trimmed to avoid ingrown toenails or infections developing. If you are wondering what is the best way to trim your own toenails at home then here are some professional tips and tricks to ensure this procedure is done safely and correctly.

  • Before using any implements on your toes it is vitally important that they have been sterilised to ensure maximum hygiene. Our Sanitising Spray is formulated to hospital standard to kill bacteria and is perfect for sterilising toenail clippers and files before use. Before beginning the toe nail trimming process apply our Sanitising Hand Gel directly to your hands to kill any ...
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Juvadent Beauty Event

19/01/2017 11:20

On Saturday 14th January 2017 Juvadent Aesthetics hosted ‘The Beauty Event’ a night which promised a combination of beauty, bubbles and Botox and we at The Edge were fortunate enough to be a part of this fabulous event. The event was organised by blogger Lauren who is also the founder of LDN Meet Up an organisation that puts together exciting meet up events for bloggers in the London area. Juvadent Aesthetics the hosts of the event offer a range of professional beauty, Botox and cosmetic procedures and have a treatment room in the beautiful All In One Spa which is based on The Kings Road in Chelsea and was the venue for ‘The Beauty Event’. Alongside The Edge two other brands from the beauty industry both Ark Skincare and falseeye...

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