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The weather is warming up and it is that time of year when summer has officially begun! Whether your summer plans include travelling, festivals or gardening in the sun it is always important to have perfectly manicured nails. In order to take care of your nails during the summer months it is necessary to carry out an appropriate nail care routine. We have put together the following tips and tricks to ensure your nails stay healthy and hydrated all summer long:

Top Coat
  1. Whether you are going to be gardening in the sun or dipping in and out of the pool it is important to apply a strong top coat over your nail polish to ensure that your polish lasts as long as possible. Our 5 Star Top Coat is the perfect choice as it acts as a durable top coat ...

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5 Star Top Coat and 5 Star Base Coat

When you’re in a hurry it can be tempting to apply one coat of nail polish and be on your way however applying both a base coat and top coat when completing a manicure on natural nails has numerous benefits and is a vital step that should not be ignored. Below we have curated a summary of the benefits of using both a base coat and a top coat as part of your natural manicure routine:

Benefits of using a Base Coat

  • Applying a base coat helps to prevent the colour pigmentation from nail polishes staining or yellowing your natural nails
  • If your nails have ridges than applying a base coat provides a smooth base to enable nail polish to be evenly distributed and creates an overall smooth and professional manicure
  • Applying a base coat enable...
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FAQ: Soak-Off Gels

08/03/2017 12:23

Nail FX Soak Off Gel Kit

Soak-off gels are a great treatment for a number of different reasons however new clients or clients wishing to try soak-off gels for the first time often have questions as they can become confused between ‘hard gels’ and the newer soak-off gel or ‘soft gel’ treatments. Below we have created a list of questions which are frequently asked by clients and ways to answer them to ensure they are feeling well informed and happy before having soak-off gels applied for the first time:

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gel chip?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are cured under either a UV or LED lamp as opposed to left to dry which means that once the curing process is complete it is almost impossible for the gel to chip or smudge. Soak-off gel is durable...

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NMP Natural Pedicure And Manicure

Have you been looking for a new and innovative way to offer your clients a natural and luxurious manicure and pedicure treatment? Then our NMP range could be exactly what you’ve been searching for! All items within both the Manicure and Pedicure sets are disposable and each set has been carefully sealed to ensure maximum hygiene and is the perfect option for both mobile technicians and salons!

Each set contains a nail pusher, a nail file, a pair of disposable gloves (manicure set) or socks (pedicure set) and a disposable towel. Both the disposable gloves and the disposable socks contain a specially formulated cream which is made from Phyto Keratin to help strengthen the nail, Copaiba Oil to help protect the skin, Vitamin E to help prev...

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