The weather is warming up and it is that time of year when summer has officially begun! Whether your summer plans include travelling, festivals or gardening in the sun it is always important to have perfectly manicured nails. In order to take care of your nails during the summer months it is necessary to carry out an appropriate nail care routine. We have put together the following tips and tricks to ensure your nails stay healthy and hydrated all summer long:

Top Coat
  1. Whether you are going to be gardening in the sun or dipping in and out of the pool it is important to apply a strong top coat over your nail polish to ensure that your polish lasts as long as possible. Our 5 Star Top Coat is the perfect choice as it acts as a durable top coat to help improve the longevity of your nail colour but is also a treatment to help you achieve strong and healthy natural nails.

  2. Hand Lotion
  3. Hand cream is a hand bag essential during the summer months, especially if you are travelling by aeroplane as this can often dehydrate your skin. Our Brazilian Orange Hand & Nail Lotion comes in a travel friendly 50ml bottle and has a fresh and summery scent. Apply the cream daily to both your hands and nails to ensure they are kept hydrated and nourished during the summer months.

  4. Glass File
  5. Use a glass nail file as they help to lock moisture into the natural nail and reduces the risk of nail splits. Glass files are washable and therefore can last the whole summer. We at The Edge have a range of affordable glass files including some with decorative Swarovski crystals.

  6. Cuticle Oil
  7. Cuticle Oil is an essential product which should be used regularly during the summer months. Apply every night to ensure your nails and cuticles remain hydrated and nourished. Our Cuticle Oil is beautifully scented and our dropper bottle enables easy and hygienic application.

  8. Annika Polishes
  9. The summer is a time to be experimental with your nail colours, whether you choose a bold statement colour or a crisp white polish to compliment your tan have fun pushing yourself out of your nail colour comfort zone. Our range of Annika polishes are available in 30 on trend shades including our vibrant Blue Lagoon, Yellow Duckling or White Swan.