The summer is here and if you are lucky enough to be jetting abroad for your summer holidays then we have shortlisted a range of essential nail care products that you need to pack when travelling to ensure your hands, feet and nails are cared for while relaxing in the sun.

If you have meticulously planned all of your holiday outfits then it is more than likely that you’re going to want nails to match. Packing nail polish remover and cotton wool pads can take up added space in your suitcase so to make things simpler pack one of our Nail Polish Remover Pots . This handy and compact pot is small enough to even fit in your hand luggage. To use simply insert each finger into the acetone filled pot and rub your nail against the bristles to remove all of your polish. At only £4.95 + VAT this pot offers an affordable alternative way to remove your nail polish.

Polish Remover Pot

Wearing open toed sandals and having bare feet on the beach requires your feet to be in perfect condition, ensure your feet are silky smooth and beach ready by using our bestselling PediPad’l. . It is easy to handle and has a coarse grit to ensure you can effectively remove all of the hard skin on your feet. At only 95p (+VAT) you can stock up and take one away with you and have one waiting for you back at home.

Pedipadl Foot File

Even though many of us go on holiday to enjoy basking in the sun, it can have damaging effects on our skin and nails and can result in them becoming dried out and lacking moisture if they are not cared for correctly. Use our Nail Oil Pen. on your cuticles and nails while away to promote healthy nail growth by hydrating and conditioning dry and damaged cuticles. The compact pen is perfect for having in your beach bag and the avocado in the oil will help ensure your nails achieve that sought after holiday glow. This must have nail treatment is priced at only £3.50 (+ VAT).

Nail Oil Pen

When you have a holiday tan it is the perfect time to experiment with your nail colours, be daring and bold and try either our Blue Lagoon , Envy or Little Duckling . With the polishes priced at only £3.50 (+ VAT) you can afford to invest in a range of colours! All of the polishes within our Annika range are Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalate free so you can ensure that you are receiving professional quality polishes at an affordable price.

Annika Polishes

Treat your hands to our nourishing and citrusy scented Brazilian Orange Hand & Nail Lotion , the 50ml size is perfect for popping in your hand bag so that you can slather the cream on while flying to combat the dehydrating effects of the aeroplane air conditioning. The light summery scent of Brazilian Orange makes this product a summer must-have and priced at only £3.25 (+ VAT) what’s not to love?!

Hand Lotion