Instagram For Your Business

With Instagram currently boasting 500million active users per day it is becoming more and more vital for salons and mobile nail techs to use the platform to help promote their businesses. If you are not currently using Instagram to promote your business here’s a few reasons why you should; your page can become a free of charge online portfolio for your work, it is a great way to engage with your current client base and it helps you reach new potential clients. If you already have an Instagram account for your business but are struggling to grow it then this could be just the blog post you've been looking for. Our marketing team have compiled the following five techniques that you can implement to help grow your Instagram business account:


Engaging with your current and potential audience is as important as posting high quality content. Spend some time each day on the explore page searching for relevant hashtags and interacting with any content that is relevant to your business. Focus on location specific hashtags or hashtags relevant to the nail industry and by engaging with these suitable posts it will help drive traffic back to your page. Respond to any comments or direct messages you receive in a timely manner to also help boost your engagement.


A great way to help boost your following and engagement is to run a giveaway. Perhaps offer a free full set of nails or a £50 gift voucher to the lucky winner. It is such a great way to grow your brand awareness. Just be sure to check all of Instagram and Facebooks giveaway terms and conditions beforehand to ensure your giveaway is compliant.


Using hashtags is one of the main ways in which Instagram users can find your content. By using relevant hashtags such as #acrylicnails or #nailart it helps anyone that searches for these terms on the explore page to find your content. The more specific the hashtag it is more likely your content will rank higher on the explore page whenever someone searches the hashtag. For example if you use #bluenailpolish your content will likely rank higher when someone searches this hashtag as there as only 31,000 people using it and therefore less competition. If you use a more generic hashtag such as #nails which has over 100million people using it then it is a lot harder to stay at the top of the page due to increased competition.


Due to the new advanced algorithm Instagram stories now play a vital role in helping drive your engagement in 2019. Stories are also a great place for you to spark conversations with your followers by using the story stickers. Use story stickers as much as you can and get creative! For example post a poll asking your customers which nail colour they prefer or get them to vote on how much they like a particular set of nails you have created. The key with your stories is to drive conversation between your business and your audience so they can find out more about you and you can find out more about them. You can also add your location in your posts which may increase your chances of appearing in that particular locations Instagram story which is a great way to attract potential clients that are local to your business.


While running a busy nail business there may not seem enough hours in the day to also run a successful Instagram account. However don’t be disheartened help is at hand! To enable you to create your content during times that are suitable for you it may be worth considering a content scheduling tool which allows you to schedule your posts so that they automatically upload onto your account throughout the day. Simply search on the internet for a ‘Instagram scheduling tool’ to browse the options to find the best fit for your business.

We hope you enjoy implementing these different techniques into your Instagram marketing strategy please let us know via our socials how you get on @edgenails on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.