During this uncertain time, we have some tips for Self Employed Nail Techs for keeping busy with your businesses

1. Posting on your social media pages

Use this opportunity whilst everyone is Isolating at home to show off your creative nail designs! Boosting your social media pages is great for your clients to see your amazing designs. A lot of nail clients will research what they would like to have on their nails before they arrive for their appointment! Point them in the direction of your social media page so they can see what you can are capable of designing for them!

2. Create nail designs on tips

A great way to utilise this time is by creating nail designs on artificial tips! This could be an intricate design you have always wanted to create but have just not had the time to do so or it could be as simple as setting all of your gel colours on tips making it easier for clients to choose their colour!

Use this time to experiment with your polishes! This could be practicing that marble effect you want to perfect or mix different colours to create different effects! YouTube is a great platform to use to help you perfect those nail designs, step by step.

3. Create nail care packages

Whilst your regular clients are not able to see you to remove their gel nails, why not put together a small nail care package for them to be able to look after their nails from home for now! This could be as simple as a small amount of acetone, nail oil, a nail file and instructions on how to safely remove their polish. You can charge a small fee and then drop this off at your clients front door, remembering to keep 2 meters apart from each other!

By doing this, your clients will be able to remove their own gel nails safely without damaging their natural nails

4. Finances!

Another great way to use your time wisely is to catch up on your finances! Yes, it is not the most exciting way to use your time, but it is a very important thing to keep on top of! And let’s face it, when you’re up to date, you’ll feel great!

5. Goals

Why not list your goals that you would like to achieve within the next year! This could be building your cliental, posting more regularly to your social media pages (use the designs you have created during this time) or why not create a schedule to set aside some time each week to catch up on and keep on top of your finances!

6. Business Accessories

Another great way to use your time wisely is to create some new business accessories! Why not start by creating your own design for your business. Look into creating new business cards, price lists and after care advice slips all personalised to your business with your logo. And don’t forget your contact details!

Keep safe everyone! Remember, after the storm comes a rainbow!