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Nail Files

As the UK's leading manufacturer of nail files we don't like to brag but we know a thing or two about nail files. We have nail files available in a range of grits, shapes, colours and prints all of which are produced here in our UK based factory. We often receive queries from our customers looking for advice on which nail file is most suitable for their requirements so we have put together the below cheat sheet to help everyone to understand the nitty gritty of our nail file range.

Nail Files

Click here to shop our extensive range of nail files and if you do have any further questions please join our new The Edge Nails Support Group on Facebook and one of our experienced in house technicians can advise you further.

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FAQ: Nail Treatments

30/08/2017 16:49

No matter how much time and effort we put into caring for our nails, from time to time the elements can take there toll resulting in dry, damaged and sensitive nails. If your nails are currently suffering we have collated a range of treatments that can help to combat a range of common nail problems.

Dry Nails

If you are concerned that your nails are looking a little bit dry and are in need of hydration then our Hydro Cure (£1.95 + VAT) is definitely the product you have been searching for. This treatment can be painted directly onto the nail to help restore that much sought after moisture.

Hydro Cure

Dry Cuticles

Cuticles play a vital role in protecting the health of your nails so it is important to take care of them. If your cuticles...

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05/07/2017 16:26


Whether you are a seasoned nail pro who is in need of a new lamp or if you’ve just begun using gels it is important to invest in a lamp which will enable you to achieve the best results for your clients. With so many lamps on the market the big question we are frequently asked is LED or UV , below we have outlined the differences that you need to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision to assess which lamp is suitable for your needs.

LESS BULB REPLACEMENT – If you have been using UV lamps for a while you may be used to having to change the bulb quite regularly whereas with LED lamps this is not necessary. The average bulb on an LED lamp can last up to 50,000 hours meaning that if you invest in an LE...

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Silk And Fibreglass Nails Sales Sheet

The increasingly popular silk and fibreglass nail systems can often be overshadowed by the more well-known acrylic and UV gel systems leaving many clients either unaware or uninformed about the benefits of this alternative system. In order to be able to answer your client’s queries we have collated the following frequently asked questions so that clients know what to expect when being introduced to silk and fibreglass services for the first time.

QUESTION: "What are silk and fibreglass nails?"

ANSWER: The fibreglass and silk wrap systems offer a very natural looking nail enhancement when applied over tips or alternatively the wrap can be applied over weak or damaged natural nails to help reinforce them. The silk wrap is a much ...

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FAQ: Soak-Off Gels

08/03/2017 12:23

Nail FX Soak Off Gel Kit

Soak-off gels are a great treatment for a number of different reasons however new clients or clients wishing to try soak-off gels for the first time often have questions as they can become confused between ‘hard gels’ and the newer soak-off gel or ‘soft gel’ treatments. Below we have created a list of questions which are frequently asked by clients and ways to answer them to ensure they are feeling well informed and happy before having soak-off gels applied for the first time:

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gel chip?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are cured under either a UV or LED lamp as opposed to left to dry which means that once the curing process is complete it is almost impossible for the gel to chip or smudge. Soak-off gel is durable...

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