Do you find that during the winter months the queue of clients wanting to get their feet treated to a pedicure is significantly less than during summer? We here at The Edge believe pedicures are a year round necessity and are not just for summer, here’s a definitive list of reasons why you and your clients should keep up with regular pedicures even during the freezing cold winter months:

  1. Prevent cracked heels: Due to lack of moisture and colder climates, cracked heels are a common problem during winter and can become painful if left untreated. The best way to ensure that you and your clients don’t suffer with cracked heels during winter is to keep up with your regular pedicure appointments, during which time your heels will be professionally filed and moisturised to treat cracks that may not be visible to the untrained eye.
  2. Use Soak-Off Gel instead of polish during winter: Is the thought of stepping out of the salon into freezing conditions in your flip flops deterring you from your regular pedicure appointments? During the winter months opt for a gel polish instead of standard nail polish, the curing time is significantly less than waiting for polish to dry, which in turn allows you to put your shoes and socks back on without the risk of smudging your perfectly painted toes. Our Nail FX Soak-Off coloured gels demonstrate exceptional performance in wear, durability, shine and removal and are 100% pure gel making them kinder to both the environment and the natural nail. We also have a range of over thirty colours available so you will never be short of options when choosing the perfect shade this winter.
  3. Restore moisture to toenails: Everyone knows the importance of applying cuticle oil to their fingernails during the winter months to restore moisture to their natural nails to combat the drying effects of the crisp winter air, however many often overlook doing the same for their toenails. During the pedicure while applying the Cuticle Oil promote its benefits to your client so they can continue to care for their nails away from the salon as well.
  4. Prevent ingrown toenails: Wearing closed toe shoes or tights during winter can increase the likelihood of developing ingrown toenails. Many people often trim their own toenails at home, however without knowing the correct technique can often increase the chances of developing ingrown toenails. Professionally trim your client’s toenails using our durable stainless steel Toenail Clipper with a slightly curved jaw for accurate toenail cutting to ensure they don’t have to suffer with the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails this winter.
  5. Re-market pedicures this winter: If you are still not booking many pedicure appointments during the winter months then considering making them a priority in your winter marketing strategy. Create a special offer on pedicures or post a photo of your clients perfectly pedicured feet on your social media pages to entice others.

If you after reading and promoting these points your clients still aren’t queuing at the door for pedicure treatments then ask them - what better way to beat the January blues than with an indulgent pedicure!