Winter Nails

The winter is a time for Christmas, crisp icy mornings and can be a time when your nails become cracked and brittle. It’s important to take care of your nails year round, however during the winter they can often require a bit more TLC. We at The Edge have compiled the following professional tips and tricks to help you care for your nails the best possible way this winter season.

  • Restore the moisture in your nails: While many people are often quite good at remembering to restore moisture to their hands by applying their favourite hand cream regularly, often people don’t put quite so much care and attention into restoring the moisture to their nails. Winter is a time when moisture loss can occur as the cool dry air has a dehydrating effect on your skin and nails. We have a range of treatments to help restore moisture in your nails, our 3 Phase Nail Oil comes in three options to help target sensitive, damaged and dry nails. The oils can be applied directly to the natural nail and application couldn’t be easier using the rollerball dispenser. The oils aim to restore moisture and condition to your natural nail and ensure they stay hydrated and healthy during the winter months.
  • Care for your cuticles: Making sure your cuticles are also cared for during the winter is as important as caring for your nails. Dry and damaged cuticles not only look red and sore but can also be quite painful and cause discomfort. Our Cuticle Oil is beautifully scented and can be applied directly to your cuticles to help restore moisture and soften them.
  • Buff your way to beautiful nails: For the quickest way to make your nails appear more healthy and shiny buff them back to life using our Super Shiner . Our professional quality nail shiner produces a glass like finish on the surface of the nail and can be used on both natural and artificial nails.
  • Where possible avoid acetone: Although acetone has many benefits and uses it can dry out your nails. With the weather conditions already taking their toll it is best to not further dehydrate your nails. Protect your nails using our Acetone Free Varnish Remover it is enriched with Vitamin E to help condition the nail, it’s pleasantly fragranced and high grade to ensure the easy removal of your polish on both natural and artificial nails.

We hope that by following these tips and tricks you manage to keep your nails looking in fabulous condition this winter and can keep them well conditioned and healthy.