5 Star Top Coat and 5 Star Base Coat

When you’re in a hurry it can be tempting to apply one coat of nail polish and be on your way however applying both a base coat and top coat when completing a manicure on natural nails has numerous benefits and is a vital step that should not be ignored. Below we have curated a summary of the benefits of using both a base coat and a top coat as part of your natural manicure routine:

Benefits of using a Base Coat

  • Applying a base coat helps to prevent the colour pigmentation from nail polishes staining or yellowing your natural nails
  • If your nails have ridges than applying a base coat provides a smooth base to enable nail polish to be evenly distributed and creates an overall smooth and professional manicure
  • Applying a base coat enables nail polish to adhere to the nail and can help to promote the longevity and durability of your manicure
  • Applying a base coat can also be good for the health of your natural nail, our 5 Star Base Coat also acts as a nail treatment which aims to help you achieve strong and healthy nails and combat problems such as weak, dry, damaged or stained nails.

Benefits of using a Top Coat

  • Applying a top coat can help to smooth out the overall appearance of your nail polish, if you have slightly smudged your polish than applying a top coat can help to rectify these imperfections
  • Applying a top coat helps you achieve a high shine, glossy finish which gives the overall appearance of a professional and high quality manicure
  • Applying a top coat helps to increase the durability and longevity of your manicure and helps to prevent chips
  • If you have applied nail art to your manicure a top coat will not only help adhere the nail art products to your nails but will also ensure that the design lasts as long as possible

As with all the products within our range both our 5 Star Top Coat and 5 Star Base Coat are professional quality and aim to help protect the natural nail. Whether you have either weak, dry, damaged or stained nails our 5 Star Treatments aim to tackle these problems and help you achieve healthy natural nails. Both products are priced at £1.95 (+ VAT) ensuring you get a professional quality product at an affordable price.