Silicone Nail Tools

Silicone nail tools are the new aesthetically pleasing and versatile tool that every nail artist must have in their bag of tricks. Our silicone nail tools are double ended and have an attractive clear acrylic tube handle filled with decorative coloured crystal rhinestones, making the tools both stylish and practical. Each tool is double ended with a different shaped silicone tip which are designed to be used with gel polish, hard gels, acrylics, nail polish, nail decals, nail wraps, acrylic paints and mirror powders. Below we have collated ten ways in which you can use your Silicone Nail Tools to prove just how functional they are:

  1. Create negative space – experiment with linear negative space nail designs using our flat ended silicone nail tools which will ensure you can create a precise and immaculate finish
  2. Create lines and dots – the pointed tool has the finest tip and is perfect for creating intricate dots and lines within your nail art designs
  3. Applying mirror powders – whether it’s the Chrome Mirror Powder or the Holographic Mirror Powder you are looking to apply the flat ended silicone tool is perfect for the job and will ensure you do not waste excess product in the process
  4. Cuticle work – the silicone nail tools are incredibly soft and flexible and are a gentle way to push back and clean up cuticles to ensure you achieve a tidy manicure
  5. Perfecting French smile lines – creating the perfect French manicure takes a steady hand and the perfect tools, our silicone nail tools are great for the job and enable you to create clean C-shaped smile lines
  6. Applying nail art – whether it’s glitter , decals or striping tape you are looking to apply to the nail plate use the silicone nail tools to press the nail art to ensure a secure fit
  7. Clean up excess product around the nail plate – these tools can be used to remove any excess product that is around your nail plate to ensure you end up with a professional and precise manicure
  8. Create 3-D effects – use these tools to help sculpt your product and create eye catching intricate 3-D designs
  9. Sculpt acrylic nails – if you have been looking for a alternative way to more accurately sculpt your acrylic product than try experimenting with these silicone nail tools
  10. Removing smudges – if you have accidently smudged a fingerprint into your manicure you can easily buff out the smudge with the silicone nail tools so that you don’t have to start from scratch

As with all the products within our range our Silicone Nail Tools are made to professional quality and are available in a pack of five. The tools are double ended and each pack includes 1 x Pointed, 1 x Flat, 1 x Chisel, 1 x Angled and 1 x Cupped tools. The set is £10.95 (+VAT) ensuring you get a professional quality product at an affordable price!