Hygiene is a vital part of any salon routine and law states that every working environment needs to be safe and hygienic in order to operate. It is the responsibility of everyone working within the salon to prevent the possible spread of infection or disease by using professional hygienic practice. In order to achieve this within your salon we have devised the following checklist to ensure that you are maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment:

Personal Hygiene: Working within the beauty industry you are a representation of your business and the services you provide so it is vitally important that a high level of personal hygiene and grooming is maintained at all times, ensure that both your uniform and shoes are clean and fresh at all times. Before beginning each treatment clean both your hands and your clients to reduce the risk of cross infection, our Sanitising Hand Gel is lightly fragranced with a pleasant scent and is formulated to professional standard to help greatly reduce the risk of cross infection from fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Work Surfaces: For new clients first impressions are everything, ensure your salon always maintains a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness will not only impress your clients but also reassures them they are receiving treatments in a safe and hygienic environment. Ensure that all areas of your salon are regularly cleaned and invest in a professional standard disinfectant wipe or spray to prevent the risk of cross infection. Our Sanitising Spray is formulated to hospital standard to kill bacteria and safeguard both you and your clients. As well as ensuring the cleanliness of your own work station be sure that communal equipment such as tills, phones and keyboards are also kept to the same standard.

Furniture: If you have either chairs or couches within your salon it is important to remember that they have regular contact with your clients and therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Many salon chairs are made from PVC or vinyl so refrain from using disinfectants that include alcohol (ethanol) as these may react with the surface and create unsightly cracks which are far more difficult to clean effectively and do not look attractive to your clients.

Implements and Tools: It is vital to sanitize all tools and implements in between clients with hospital grade disinfectant and to sterilize them where necessary. Invest in good quality metal tools such as our Cuticle Pusher , Nail Clippers and Scissors all of which are made using durable stainless steel. Always dispose of single use items after use on a client as to reuse them on another client is not only bad practice but it also greatly increases the risk of cross infection.

Floors: Regularly cleaning the floors with quality floor disinfectant within your salon is also another imperative part of your hygiene practice. Remember to also remove all debris from floors throughout the day as this increases safety and reduces the risk of slips and trips and also maintains the overall look and appearance of the salon.