Hands With Painted Red Nails

There is nothing more frustrating than treating yourself to a beautiful manicure and a couple of days later the chips start appearing. With our busy lives it is difficult to prevent your nails from chipping and although there is no miracle cure to abolish chipping altogether we at The Edge have collated the following five professional tips and tricks to increase the staying power of your polish!

  1. Prep your nails: It is important prior to applying polish that you have taken the time to shape, file and buff the nails. Grooming nails not only makes them appear tidy but also creates a smooth base for the polish to adhere to. Our range of professional quality Files , Buffers and Tools ensure you can easily complete this vital prepping stage.
  2. Apply a base coat: Applying a professional quality Base Coat helps ensure your nail polish’s longevity. Our 5 Star Base Coat when applied to natural nails aims to help you achieve strong, healthy nails and is designed to help anyone that has weak, dry, damaged or stained nails. Ensure your Base Coat has fully dried before applying your nail polish colour.
  3. Apply your nail polish: It is crucial to invest in a professional quality nail polish, with our Annika polish range you get the best of both worlds, salon quality polish but at an affordable price. With 30 on trend colours in the range we are certain there is something for everyone! Apply 2 – 3 thin layers of polish to achieve the optimum results and allow each layer to fully dry before applying the next.
  4. Apply a top coat: When it comes to increasing the chances of your nail varnish’s survival applying a Top Coat to your polish is an imperative step. Our 5 Star Top Coat is part of our nail treatment range for natural nails and also tackles common problems such as weak, dry or damaged nails. Continue to reapply your Top Coat throughout the week to continually reseal your polish.
  5. Avoid water: We appreciate this is easier said than done but where possible try to avoid contact with water straight after painting your nails.

We hope by taking these five steps it increases the endurance of your polish and will hopefully help you to banish chips once and for all.