The beginning of the year can sometimes leave you slightly strapped for cash and if this is meaning that you cannot keep up with your regular manicures at the salon then don’t despair we at The Edge have created this helpful guide for achieving professional manicures at home. Although completing your own manicure will never be as relaxing or pampering as the salon experience with these tips and tricks you can attempt to master the basics at home and remember practice makes perfect!

Step One: Remove all your current nail polish using our new and efficient Nail Polish Remover Pot which is filled with acetone and cleaning bristles to help you quickly remove all traces of your polish.

Step Two: If necessary dependant on length trim your nails using a durable Nail Clipper and then file them into your desired shape. If you are a beginner stick to either a round or square shape a square with rounded edges shape is a popular choice. When filing your nails use a side to side not up and down sawing type motion to reduce the risks of the nail splitting. Our popular Black Beauty 240/240 grit file is a high quality emery board with a medium grit on both sides and is ideal for filing natural nails.

Step Three: Buff your nails using the abrasive part of the 4 Way Buffer to even out the nail and create a smooth base to apply your polish too. Be aware when buffing your nails to avoid over shining them as this can then make it difficult for the polish to adhere.

Step Four: Apply Cuticle Remover Serum which is perfect for helping to gently remove and exfoliate cuticles. Then if necessary push back your cuticles with a Cuticle Pusher , be very careful when doing this as cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and fungi so refrain from cutting them as if done incorrectly it can lead to infection.

Step Five: Soak your nails in warm water and use a Nail Brush to remove any excess dirt which may be trapped under the nail. Following this your nails need to be as dry as possible in order for the polish to adhere successfully so dry your hands and if necessary apply Nail Fresh to help dehydrate and condition the nail prior to applying polish as it will help to increase the longevity of the polish.

Step Six: Apply a base coat which is a vital step before applying polish as it prevents the colour from staining your natural nail. Our 5 Star Base Coat is the perfect choice whether you have weak, dry, damaged or stained nails than this base coat will help you to achieve strong and healthy natural nails.

Step Seven: Apply two thin coats of nail polish to layer up the colour and create an overall smooth and even finish. The Edge Nail Polishes are available in over forty exciting shades and are high performance, chip resistant and achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

Step Eight: Apply a top coat which helps to seal the polish and protect the longevity of your colour. Our 5 Star Top Coat helps to treat weak, dry or damaged nails to ensure you are taking the best possible care of your natural nails.

Step Nine: Don’t worry if you have made any mistakes with your polish you can quickly and easily clean these up using our efficient Polish Correction Pen .