No matter how much time and effort we put into caring for our nails, from time to time the elements can take there toll resulting in dry, damaged and sensitive nails. If your nails are currently suffering we have collated a range of treatments that can help to combat a range of common nail problems.

Dry Nails

If you are concerned that your nails are looking a little bit dry and are in need of hydration then our Hydro Cure (£1.95 + VAT) is definitely the product you have been searching for. This treatment can be painted directly onto the nail to help restore that much sought after moisture.

Hydro Cure

Dry Cuticles

Cuticles play a vital role in protecting the health of your nails so it is important to take care of them. If your cuticles have become slightly cracked, dry or broken then it is time to start applying our nourishing Cuticle Oil (£3.40 + VAT) to help restore them back to health. This oil is lightly scented and is packaged in a handy dropper bottle to ensure accurate and hygienic application.

Cuticle Oil

Damaged Nails

Your nails can be damaged in a number of ways especially if professional products such as acrylics and gels are not removed correctly. If you are currently suffering with damaged nails then start regularly applying our Nail Oil Pen £3.50 (+VAT) , the oil contains both avocado and Vitamin E which are great for helping to hydrate and condition the nail and help promote growth. The easy application pen allows you to apply the oil directly to your nails when you’re out and about ensuring maximum convenience.

Nail Oil Pen

Dry Skin

As the seasons change the change in climate can result in dry hands and feet which not only can ruin the look of your perfectly manicured hands and pedicured feet but can also be painful if left untreated. Invest in our NMP Manicure Set £6.25 (+ VAT) which includes all you need to perform a truly indulgent manicure. The gloves which are included within the set contain a specially formulated moisturising cream which includes Vitamin E to help prevent skin anti-aging and D - Pantenol to help active skin cell regeneration.

NMP Manicure Set