Whether you are a seasoned nail pro who is in need of a new lamp or if you’ve just begun using gels it is important to invest in a lamp which will enable you to achieve the best results for your clients. With so many lamps on the market the big question we are frequently asked is LED or UV , below we have outlined the differences that you need to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision to assess which lamp is suitable for your needs.

LESS BULB REPLACEMENT – If you have been using UV lamps for a while you may be used to having to change the bulb quite regularly whereas with LED lamps this is not necessary. The average bulb on an LED lamp can last up to 50,000 hours meaning that if you invest in an LED lamp bulb replacement is rarely necessary. If you do opt to purchase a UV lamp it is vitally important to remember to change the bulbs on average every three to six months dependant on the amount of use. Used bulbs can result in the gel curing far slower and only partially which can lead to lifting or a bubbly surface for the client.

QUICKER CURE TIME – If your appointments are back to back and you are looking for ways to speed the process of gel treatments then it may be worth considering a LED lamp. When using our Nail FX Soak Off Gels with an LED lamp the cure time is only 60 seconds, whereas when using the gels with a UV lamp the cure time is 2 minutes.

GEL COMPATIBILITY – It is important to bear in mind that while many brands do now have gels that can cure under both LED and UV lamps, some brands have gels that will only cure under UV Lamps. Ensure that your favourite gels will be compatible if you do choose to invest in a LED lamp as some gels only cure with UV lamps. Our Nail FX Soak Off Gels range will cure under both LED and UV lamps giving you complete freedom of choice when deciding which lamp to invest in.