Nail FX Soak Off Gel Kit

Soak-off gels are a great treatment for a number of different reasons however new clients or clients wishing to try soak-off gels for the first time often have questions as they can become confused between ‘hard gels’ and the newer soak-off gel or ‘soft gel’ treatments. Below we have created a list of questions which are frequently asked by clients and ways to answer them to ensure they are feeling well informed and happy before having soak-off gels applied for the first time:

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gel chip?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are cured under either a UV or LED lamp as opposed to left to dry which means that once the curing process is complete it is almost impossible for the gel to chip or smudge. Soak-off gel is durable and demonstrates exceptional performance in wear meaning your manicure will look as good as new even a few weeks after application.

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gel damage my natural nails?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are kind to your natural nails and are ideal for promoting strong and healthy nail growth. Our range of NailFX Soak-Off Coloured Gels are made using 100% pure gel and are completely solvent free ensuring they are kind to both the environment and your natural nail.

QUESTION: “Will soak-off gels create a more natural looking manicure?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels create a natural looking manicure and the gel is gentle and can be applied directly to your natural nail so there is no need to apply a tip or nail enhancement beforehand. Our NailFX Soak-Off Coloured Gels create a shiny gloss finish to ensure your manicure has a professional and natural result.

QUESTION: “I’m in a hurry will I have to sit around for ages waiting for my soak-off gel nails to dry?”

ANSWER: Soak-off gels are cured under a UV or LED lamp therefore once this process is complete the gel is dry. Our NailFX Soak-Off Coloured Gels take 60seconds to cure under an LED lamp and 2 minutes to cure under a UV lamp and are dry once cured meaning you don’t have to sit around waiting for your nails to dry as you would have to with nail polish.

Our NailFX Soak-Off Coloured Gel range is available in over 35 stunning colours to ensure that you can offer your client a range of on trend shades that they will love to wear!

NailFX Soak Off Gel