Silk And Fibreglass Nails Sales Sheet

The increasingly popular silk and fibreglass nail systems can often be overshadowed by the more well-known acrylic and UV gel systems leaving many clients either unaware or uninformed about the benefits of this alternative system. In order to be able to answer your client’s queries we have collated the following frequently asked questions so that clients know what to expect when being introduced to silk and fibreglass services for the first time.

QUESTION: "What are silk and fibreglass nails?"

ANSWER: The fibreglass and silk wrap systems offer a very natural looking nail enhancement when applied over tips or alternatively the wrap can be applied over weak or damaged natural nails to help reinforce them. The silk wrap is a much finer weave and becomes transparent when coated with resin whereas the fibreglass wrap is a stronger cross weaved fibre mesh and can be more suitable for clients who require more reinforcement, especially if their natural nails are prone to breakage.

QUESTION: "What is the process of applying silk and fibreglass nails?"

ANSWER: Once the nail has been prepped and primed the specifically designed mesh can be cut to shape and applied to either tips or the natural nail. Our Silk Mesh and Fibreglass Mesh are available in either 46cm or 2.7m lengths and have micro adhesive backings to enable ease when positioning and securing the mesh to the nail. Resin is then applied which is specially formulated to merge perfectly with either the fibreglass or silk meshes. Our non-clogging, free flowing Resin is available in either 8g or 28g, our 8g Brush on Resin offers the same formulation as the 28g Resin but has a brush on application which ensures easy and accurate use. Finally activator spray is applied to produce beautiful, thin and durable nail enhancements. Our Activator Spray is available in either 50ml, 200ml or 5litre and is a micro-mist, fast acting setting spray which ensures the speedy drying or resin, our 200ml Activator Refill is an economical option to top up The Edge Activator Spray 50ml.

QUESTION: "Who are silk and fibreglass nails suitable for?"

ANSWER: The silk and fibreglass nail systems are perfect for clients who want a more natural finish or to help them reinforce weak or damaged nails. The systems are a great option for clients who are allergic to acrylic and many technicians also offer the silk or fibreglass service to clients who are transitioning from acrylic to natural nails as it can help to promote the growth and strength of the natural nail.

QUESTION: "What are the benefits of having silk or fibreglass enhanced nails?"

ANSWER: Once applied the silk and fibreglass systems create a light, thin and natural finish and help to reinforce the natural nail. If your client has weak or damaged natural nails than the non-fraying silk or fibreglass mesh aims to strengthen and repair the natural nail. The enhancements can easily and effectively be removed using acetone.

If you are looking to try silk and fibreglass nails for the first time our Fibreglass Wrap Trial Kit and Silk Wrap Trial Kit include all the essential products to introduce you to this system and to enable you to create beautiful nails.