Acrylic nails are an ever popular nail enhancement system and although they make your nails look picture perfect they do also require a certain level of maintenance both in the salon and at home. We at The Edge have compiled the following list of helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you care for your artificial nails correctly away from the salon, to ensure their longevity and to keep them looking as good as new.

  • Top up your Top Coat: If you want to enhance the shine of your perfectly painted acrylic nails before your next salon visit then simply apply a Top Coat to give your nails a glossy professional shine. Paint over your polish with our Mirror Gloss Top Coat which can be applied to the nail enhancement and ensures added protection and an outstanding gel look natural shine.
  • Repair damaged nails: No matter how careful you are with your artificial nails accidents still do occur. If you find that one of your nail enhancements has lifted, broken or cracked then book in a salon appointment as soon as possible to repair the nail. Do not attempt to repair the nail yourself at home as doing so incorrectly can lead to damaging your natural nail or could make you vulnerable to infection.
  • Use an acetone free polish remover: If you fancy a colour change in between your infill appointment then be sure to only use acetone free polish remover on your acrylic nails. Our Acetone Free Varnish Remover is enriched with conditioning Vitamin E and gives rapid removal of your polish.
  • Keep your hands clean and dry: Take extra care when washing your hands, use an antibacterial soap to reduce the possibility of bacteria infecting your natural nails. If your hands are often wet this can increase the chances of the nail enhancements lifting, so after washing your hands be sure to dry them as thoroughly as possibly with either a hand dryer or paper towel.

We hope by taking these simple steps your set of acrylic nails will last the distance between now and your next salon appointment and if you are ever unsure about the maintenance of your acrylic nails speak to your manicurist to ensure you are receiving professional advice.