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Nail blog by The Edge Nail & Beauty's technical director Anna Germaine

Nail Salon Hygiene

As a nail technician you will come into contact with many clients whilst performing treatments. With this high level of contact there is an increased risk of cross infection. It is important to protect yourself and your client. To do this ensure you follow good hygiene procedures. It should go without saying you make sure your salon is spotlessly clean at all times, don’t forget waiting areas. By having a good routine in place you will be protecting yourself and your client from potentially harmful bacteria

• Ensure hot and cold water is available at all times

• Liquid soap with anti-bacterial properties should be available

• Toilet facilities are extremely important, make sure they are always spotless with toilet tissue provided

• Desk paper towels and tissues should be changed and disposed of after each client

• Metal bins with lids must be used for waste this reduces odour and vapors in work areas

• Hand sanitising gel should be used on both your hands and your client’s before treatment commences

• Ensure all surfaces are dusted daily, including stock and any shelving

• Desks, floors and door handles must be sprayed with sanitising spray and wiped regularly

• Ensure all tools and implements are sanitised prior to use

• Carrying-out the above procedures will give your client confidence in you, you will also come across as being articulate, in control, and very professional

For any technical or product advise please don't hesitate to contact me.

Anna Germaine
Technical Director